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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Clip File: Wedding Ads

Weddings. The ultimate event in a woman's life. We are brought up and influenced by the media to think about how amazing our future wedding will be and plan it out in heads when we're 5. After critically looking at ads, I can see how many of the ads will lead one to think about how she should be looking for a man and it will make her life "complete."

Additionally, many women fashion magazines have many advertisements focusing on engagement rings. One that stood out to me was Tacori. I loved the idea of the key symbolizing the "key to your heart" with the engagement rings stacked on the key.

I also was interested that about a year ago, Tiffany & Co. did a campaign targeting wedding guests...how smart!

Also, I love how David's Bridal is advertising fashion cakes. It merged the idea that you can be frugal in this tough economy but also fashionable as well!

Of course, with the idea each wedding is a girl's dream come true, David's Bridal also utilizes this in their advertising.

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